Breakeven TP SL levels indicator



Hey, what’s up?

This is new mt4 break even level indicator.

It plots breakeven level, profit and loss levels automatically when you open a trade.
Each level contain information about P/L in money and pips according to current opened trades for current chart currency pair.

These levels are calculates P/L for your trades overall.

You can adjust amount of levels and pips distance between them.

The settings

PipRange – distance between level in 4 digits pips
Levels – amount of levels from break even point
LotDigits – amount of digits after dot in lot value
LinesOffset – offset from zero bar to plot these levels in bars
LinesLength – lines length in bars
TextFont – font size of text labels
Currency – symbol of broker account currency
BreakevenlineColor – color of break even level
ProfitlinesColor – color of profit levels
LosslinesColor – color of loss levels

Break even levels indicator will be handy in manual trading basically for every scenario to measure take profit or stop loss of an individual trade or baskets of trades without confusing situations where couple of losses killing all profit of all opened trades.



You can get a signal from a combination of indicators.

Follow the link to learn how to combine two or more signal alert indicators together

How to install :

1. Download file
2. Unzip archive and copy the MQL4 folder from the archive to your terminal Data folder
3. Restart terminal and apply the indicator to a chart
4. Register a valid email with single time donation or log in with previously registered email address.
5. You can switch your broker account any time you need by logging in with previously registered email address

How to find Data folder :

in the terminal click File menu – Open Data Folder

Good trading!

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