Beta Universal trailing stop


Hi, guys!

Yesterday I added to the beta version built-in universal trailing stop tool.

universal trailing stop

This tool will appear in the right low corner of the trade pad and allows you to set trailing stop with 3 different logics:

  1. Classic trailing by pips of all orders
  2. Trailing by profit of all orders
  3. Trailing by percentage value of profits

By default this tool calculate opened trades profits but you can switch it to historical calculation of all opened and closed trades in this particular trading account.

Let’s check my latest trade on opening London session using built-in trend lines tool and new trailing stop feature:

universal trailing stop

I just set SL to ten pips,  automatic lot size calculation with low risk preset, placed buy trend line on the fractals using quick draw button on the top of trade pad.

universal trailing stop

The order was triggered

universal trailing stop

Trailing stop now secured 10 pips from 17

universal trailing stop

And finally took the profit

This trailing stop taking all orders with magic number of the robot if you want to trail all orders just set magic number to zero in the settings.

I will continue my work on this beta version keep watching new updates I have bunch of new tools. This current trailing feature already can be downloaded from our cloud store.

If you need help

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