Ask Price HACK update


New Ask Price HACK function.

This feature will protect sell orders from broker’s spread manipulation and stop hunting risk management soft like virtual dealer plugin by metaquotes.

This algorithm allows to safety scalp on m1-m5 time frames, swing trade and whatever trading using very tight stop losses.

Also this option when active working with all built-in trailing stops calculated by pips of fxULTIMATE engine.

The better to combine with spread control system and graphic SL TP levels.

How it works

Standard stop loss and take profit (typical picture in forex) 

Ask price hack
Sell opened with standard SL TP
Ask price hack
SL was hit by spread jump and price turned to TP level

Ask price hack activated

Ask price hack
Sell opened with same SL, TP levels and EA took control of it
Ask price hack
System secured SL level from spread jump
Ask price hack
TP was hit

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